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"Just because you haven't seen a dragon doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

Reality is illusion while illusion is reality. Both of these opposites are part of the whole. Only the state of our mind determines what kind of world we live in. With this knowledge we have the power and freedom to create our own worlds.

By controlling ourselves, we control our world and play the reality we want. We know that with faith, will, and imagination we can create the most incredible things, we can achieve the most ambitious goals in life. It is possible to live so that life itself will be magic and art: boldly, freely, playfully and inspirationally.

We share this worldview through our creativity. We create high jewelry collections that encompass ICHIEN's vision and values.
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Ichien, founder and creative artist of the brand

Brand Founder and Chief Artist


"Intrinsically, each person is a jeweler and creates their own masterpiece: their own life. Just as gold experiences multiple stages of transformation before it becomes a jewelry masterpiece, so can a person follow their own stages of transformation and create a masterpiece out of their life."

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The Art of Attention


A jeweler is a creator whose main tool is attention. The pursuit of excellence which arises from the power of attention makes it possible to bring a piece of jewelry to perfection, allowing to achieve what at first glance seems impossible. And no jewelry piece would ever be born if love had not been put into it. It is love for the craft that pervades each piece of ICHIEN rendering it alive.